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Code of Practices

In 2019, Schofer was successfully recertified according to the RJC Code of Practices (COP). In addition to compliance with all relevant ethical, human rights, social and environmental issues, ensuring a responsible supply chain is essential for trusting cooperation with our partners worldwide.

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Chain of Custody

Schofer is RJC Chain of Custody certified since March 2022! After RJC Code of Practices certification, we received the RJC Chain of Custody certification in March 2022. This requires the entire product chain to be documented; in other words, the flow of raw materials from the very beginning through to the end product. At Schofer, we want to be transparent in how sustainably we search for raw materials from which we manufacture our products. At the beginning of every contact, we conduct an audit according to the principles of the “Know your Counterparty” guidelines. As a responsible processor of precious metals, Schofer resolutely refuses to acquire, process or sell goods from conflict or high-risk regions.


Due Diligence Report

Supply Chain Policy

Complaints Procedure


Successful DIN EN ISO 9001 recertification

This certification ensures that customer satisfaction is sustainably and permanently improved and the quality of processes and products is continuously secured and optimised. Schofer has been successfully certified according to ISO 9001:2015!

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