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I am pleased that you'd like to become better acquainted with the world of Schofer – THE CHAIN COMPANY. Shortly after Eugen Schofer founded his chain factory in Pforzheim in 1904, he developed automatic ring-mesh and knitted mesh machines in order to be able to produce according to his high quality standards. Today, almost 120 years later, innovation, quality and creativity are still the driving forces that made Schofer one of the leading European Jewellery Chain manufacturers. This enables us to offer our business customers all over the world the best possible products with which they can in turn delight their end customers. Maybe soon for your company, too. Let's talk and see if we can make it happen.

Mathias Kohlhammer, CEO

Tradition and innovation

Schofer has been a family business for generations. Since our beginnings in 1904, we have always placed great emphasis on quality and reliability. Our business has always been driven by innovations that continuously optimise the production of Jewellery Chains and also to adapt to the prevailing zeitgeist. Schofer's continued success proves our claim to be right.


Around 150 employees produce Schofer's innovative products at our Pforzheim location. Over 600 automatic wire and sheet chain machines are used to produce countless chain samples for our BASIC line. Our PRESTIGE line, on the other hand, is traditionally handcrafted from the finest materials and high-quality workmanship. As a result, Schofer benefits from the synergy of fully automated production and traditional craftsmanship to deliver the greatest possible benefit for our clients.

Going global - Schofer worldwide

Exporting more than 95% of our products, Schofer is represented in all international markets and at the most important jewellery trade fairs around the world. Schofer – THE CHAIN COMPANY – impresses with its innovative strength and attractive prices and is one of the leading European Jewellery Chain manufacturers today.

A responsible approach for the future

As a certified member of the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC), Schofer has agreed to lead the company responsibly and adhere to high moral and ethical values. This also includes a social and environmental orientation and compliance with all these values in the entire production chain.

Exclusive chains, striking designs

Our in-house design and development department can also realise chains for your specific requirements, no matter how challenging they may be. This is made possible by our employees' expertise and many years of experience as well as the use of the latest technology such as 3D printers and plotters.

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