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Our commitment to a worthwhile future

Action instead of just words. Based on this premise, Schofer began supporting projects to protect people, the climate and the environment at an early stage. As a family company, responsible behaviour and social responsibility are in our DNA. See for yourself!

Climate Partner

supports sustainable projects to offset emissions caused by Schofer Germany


determines the greenhouse gas balance and verifies Schofer Germany as a climate-neutral company

Green electricity

promotes the use of 100% green electricity from renewable energy sources


RECYCLING CERTIFICATE for the complete recycling of metal-containing residues

Investment in sustainable values

Schofer has made a lot of investments in recent years, also to promote sustainability: In addition to energy-saving machines such as modern soldering ovens, new ventilation systems with heat recovery were installed throughout the building. Water dispensers with filters provide all employees with oxygen-enriched and cooled water free-of-charge.

Seit einiger Zeit im Einsatz ist eine Kreislaufkühlanlage, mit der die Umwelt geschont wird, da zur Kühlung der Löt- und Glühöfen kaum noch Frischwasser benötigt wird. Durch die gleichmäßige Kühlung der Öfen sind gleichbleibende Temperaturen gewährleistet und die Prozesssicherheit somit erhöht.

Schofer wird auch weiterhin regelmäßig in neue, nachhaltige Technologien investieren. Darauf haben Sie unser Wort.

Always something to optimise

In 2017, we comprehensively modernised our entire company building. An optimised work environment improves the quality of our products. For example, our entire production facility was switched over to LED lighting. This leads to daylight-quality lighting at every workstation while almost halving our power consumption.

Our Code of Honour

Precious metals from Schofer contain no materials …

… obtained while violating human rights such as  child labour or slavery,

… that destroyed the earth’s surface during their extraction or processing,

… which are used to support criminal or terrorist activities, such as money laundering or tax evasion,

… which damage the environment through such things as precious metal waste

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Social commitment

We see social engagement as a core task for our company. The spectrum of our commitment includes the support of regional institutions working in education, sport, social affairs and research:

The international Red Cross movement is the largest humanitarian organisation in the world. As a symbol of humaneness, the Red Cross advocates life, health, well-being, protection, peaceful coexistence and the dignity of all people. Schofer supports its work with donations.


Since 1922, the fem has been the world's only independent institute for precious metals research. The aim of its research in the fields of materials science and surface technology is to develop future-oriented solutions for industry. Schofer is a sponsoring member.

Schofer is a sponsor.

Centre for integrative medicine, pain and cancer therapy. Schofer supports the clinic by sponsoring the construction of a new clinic. In addition, Mathias Kohlhammer, managing partner of Schofer Germany, serves as a member of the board on a volunteer basis.

This organisation helps our local neighbours with the things of everyday life, alleviates loneliness and provides social support. Schofer supports this work with regular donations.

Institute for strategic technology and precious metals, test laboratory for material analyses. Schofer is a sponsoring member of the institute.

This outpatient hospice service for children and young people provides support to young people nearing the end of their lives and their relatives. Schofer supports its work with donations.

The project promotes early childhood development in Pforzheim's nurseries. Not only technical skills, but also communication, language and integration are promoted. Schofer supports the project as a company sponsor.

The Technical Museum of Pforzheim's jewellery and watch industry offers insights into the technology, products and history of this traditional industry. Schofer supports its work with donations.

The WWF is one of the largest international nature and environmental protection organisations in the world. Schofer supports its work with donations.

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